Who are my clients


CONE ZONE enjoys about clients of every age group. It’s my personal request, in my Shop and Service, to offer gift items and decorations for each money availability.

You’ll also find diverse decorations for sports and hobbies and I can create personalized decorations and think about some solutions with different types of clients.


CONE ZONE is situated in Siusi allo Sciliar, I like saying „uptown“; it is a beautiful and a famous touristic region and my clients are therefore nature lovers, hikers and sports enthusiasts.

I manufacture diverse decorations for hoteliers and restaurateurs, from table decorations to more elaborated projects.

As my firm opened since only one year I’m open to challenges and I’ll show you, how this experience will go on.

My clients:

Chalet Anna, St.Ulrich
Hotel Europa, Seis
Pension Profanter, Seis
Bergrestaurant Puflatsch, Seiser Alm
Tschötscher Hof, St. Oswald
Tschötsch Alm, Seiser Alm
Herz Werk, Kastelruth
Paula Wiesinger Appartment & Suites, Seis
Mahlknechthütte, Seiser Alm
Pizzeria Restaurant Woscht, Seis
Raiffeisenkasse Kastelruth – St. Ulrich, Kastelruth
Hotel Schwarzer Adler, Seis
Hotel Seelaus, Seiser Alm
Parc Hotel Florian- Sassegg, Seis
Hotel Tyrol, Kastelruth
Hotel Garni Savoy, Kastelruth
Camping Seiser Alm, St. Konstantin
Hotel Baumwirt, Kastelruth
Hotel Schmung, Seiser Alm
Hotel Saltria, Seiser Alm
Spenglerei Messner, Kastelruth
Berg Restaurant Spitzbühl, Seiser Alm
Konditorei Andreas, Seis
Tourismus Büro, Seis
Info Point, St. Valentin
Getränke Gross, Kastelruth

My partner companies:

Holzhaus Mulser, Ums
Dagda Lasergravur, St. Valentin
Imbus, Kastelruth
Blumen Margerita, Seis
Design Ideen, Seis
Bauelement, Kastelruth
Konditorei Andreas, Seis